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A Very Important Meeting

November 2, 2023

Yesterday our Executive Director, Mallory went to her toughest meeting yet with BLG Forest of Dreams fundraising committee.

This committee was made up of a diverse and curious group of 4 and 5 year old's, Ethan, Esme, Scarlett, Logan, Lincoln, Justin and their president, Mackenzie who greeted her at the door with a handshake upon arrival.

While sitting around their board table,she was drilled with tough questions such as what she was for halloween and if she liked trucks. It was tough... but she came out with a lovely signed contract for a new partnership.

Thank you to the owner David Xu and Director Tinishia Logan for creating this committee to teach kids the value of giving back and donating the funds that are raised to First Steps. A special thank you for setting up the most adorable meeting to date. We look forward to this new partnership and working with the fundraising committee.

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