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The Dr. Christine Davies Education Centre

In 2006 a school was open on site as there was a great desire from the women to get their academic high school diploma but the barriers to access the public schools was astronomical. (mental health, child care, age, transportation, etc.)  Since inception many women have graduated.

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Meet Our Education Team

Eileen Gatien

I started teaching late in life. I always wanted to be a teacher but was convinced by my high school teachers to follow a math science path.


I pursed that field during and after university. I started working with the Irving group after university.


After I had my children, I stayed home with them for 12 years. I then returned to university to obtain my BEd.


I taught at Saint John High School for 12 years and then transferred to Compass Education Support Center. While at Compass I had the opportunity to switch places with the amazing Cara Cole, the
First Steps teacher, on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.


When Cara decided to
pursue Education Counselling, I was approached to teach at First Steps fulltime. I did not even have to think about it. I enjoyed my time at First Steps so much I jumped at the chance.



Are you interested in attending The Dr. Christine Davis Education Center? Contact us today!


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