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Celebrating 20 years!

May 21, 2022

First Steps is beyond excited to be celebrating our 20th anniversary today!! Aside from enjoying cake and some fun events, we wanted to thank some of the people who have made this possible!

We know that there have been many members of our community who were involved in the early days, working on a solution for Saint John's extremely high teen pregnancy rates, but there are a few names that specifically come to mind.

Bruce Drost, Monica Chaperlin, Kit Hickey, Christine Davies, Sheila Fitzpatrick, Maggie Prowse,Holly Stone,Margo Emrich,Lisa Gribbons, Margie Skidd, Rosalyn Macdonald, Debbie Bowes, Sarah Gander and Jean Irving and of course First Steps executive director of 18 years ,Sharon Amirault, who is still serving our community Family Plus/Life Solutions.

We would like to thank a few of our funded partners, for their continued support and belief in the First Steps program. United Way serving Saint John, Kings and Charlotte, we are so thankful for you! The Business Community Anti Poverty Initiative (BCAPI), the work you do is amazing. The Department of Social Development, you have been there to guide and help us from the beginning.

Our current board of directors, Mary Ann Ketchum, Brian Ferris, Lori Totten, Bruce Drost, Tanya Chapman, Michelle Hierlihy, Krisanne Bishop, Natalie Graves, Danielle Rice, Johanne Mcginnis and Jocelyn Parker. Together, you are the behind-the-scenes glue that holds us together. Thank you for everything.

Without the continued hard work from our amazing staff, we would not have been able to help the 500 Women and 350 children who have entered the doors at First Steps. Thank you to our residential director, Denise Morais, who has spent the last 14 years, dedicated to helping First Steps meet our goals.

Last but not least, thank you to our community, without you we would not have made it this far! Saint John, you have been so supportive and giving. We look forward to continuing to offer support to women and children for many years to come!!

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