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December 14, 2022

We are beyond excited to be done all of the bedrooms for our adopt a room project. We have met so many beautiful souls in our community. The support on this program has been overwhelming and we couldn't have transformed 12 bedrooms into beautiful spaces for the women and children who reside in the FS home without you. Cindy Grant @ CBC will have the full story to share in the beginning on January. Stay Tuned.

A very special shout out to the Saint John Tool Library & DIY Workshop Brent Harris and Chi, who continued from this project and donated the proceeds to a few beautiful wood carving's Chi created. This piece was made for us, the meaning behind it is beautiful and inspirational ( See below)

Thank you so much to all of you!!! We are so proud of our home.

BLUE HERON (Patience)

Blue Heron represents patience. This relative and those that encircle this creation gave me understanding of self, and the obligation I have to the breath I am granted to know. My greatest hope is that I have left a gentle touch on the path I walk, and that a warmth will be remembered.

We all hunger to embrace our dreams and purpose. The light that dwells in the essence of our creation is the greatest gift we possess. Love will define what we will become on our journey, and will be the honor we give to this beautiful generation and those that follow.

There is no greater purpose than love.

It is the healing medicine we all carry.

It takes patience to hear the voice within, and to see the infinite possibilities we all can be.


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